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Temporary Carpet Protection Film


100% quality guaranteed
8 different sizes of Carpet Protection Film
Water-based adhesive and Reverse wound for easy installation
Leave in place for up to 45 Days

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Protecting a home during construction and remodeling is critically important. The last thing you want to do is damage the home you’re trying to improve! One of the trickiest areas to protect is a carpeted stairway. The structure and shape of certain stairways make it difficult to maneuver protective material.
This guide will help make it easy for you to protect your carpeted stairway with tools and step-by-step instructions from the experts at Pro Tect.
There are two ways to apply carpet protection to a stairway:
By hand

By using a carpet film dispenser

Temporary Carpet Protection Film for Construction
Since 1994 Pro Tect has been providing temporary carpet protection film into the Building and Remodeling Industry.
Temporary carpet protection film by Pro Tect is 2 mils thick and made from PE Film. Using a PE Film makes the film resistant to punctures and allows the carpet film to stretch, rather than tear. Pro Tect Uses a Water-Based Adhesive on its carpet protector rolls. This is important and please only use a carpet protection film brand that uses water-based carpet adhesive film.
What Makes Pro Tect For Carpets Different:
– 100% quality guaranteed
– 8 different sizes of Carpet Protection Film
– Water-based adhesive
– Reverse wound for easy installation
– Leave in place for 45 Days
– One dispenser fits 3 sizes
Top rated, Pro Tect for Carpets is known for its cost savings by protecting carpets on various job sites.  Once you have installed the carpet film, it becomes “maintenance-free” carpet protection for the next 45 days.
Q: What Is 45-Day Pro Tect Carpet Protector Film?
A: For over 25 years Pro Tect has used the same formula to provide a film that stays in place for 45 days.
Q: Can you leave the carpet protector film down longer than 45 Days?
A: At 45 days or sooner, just pull off the old film and replace it with newer film. It is safe to keep replacing the film but don’t leave it down longer than 45 days.

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24'' x 200' Roll, 24'' x 500' Roll, 30'' x 200' Roll, 36'' x 200' Roll, 36'' x 500' Roll, 48'' x 200' Roll, 48'' x 500' Roll, 60'' x 500' Roll