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Poly Craft Mask


• Pro Tect Poly Craft Mask consists of a Three-Ply Protection System: a Flat Fiberglass Meshing between a 40-pound Craft Paper and a Polyethylene Sheet
• Perfect for Hardwood Floor Protection as well as Vinyl, Tile and Marble Floors
• Safe on Architectural-Colored Concrete Floors, Epoxy Floor Finishes, Stamped Concrete
• Last 100 times longer than Red Rosin Paper
• Waterproof and Tear-Resistant
• Quickly becoming a must-have product for quick, on-the-job surface protection

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Reinforced Floor Protection with Poly Craft Mask
The Rosin Paper Killer
Time to step into the 21st century world of floor protection. Don’t settle for old school floor protection when Poly Craft Mask is simply a better solution. Its 3-ply protection system lasts 100 times longer than Rosin Paper, and you don’t have to worry about red color bleeding onto your hard surface. The flat fiberglass rests between 40-pound craft paper on the bottom, and a polyethylene sheet on the top.
The flat fiberglass is an essential part of our product that makes it stand out. Much of reinforced craft paper out on the market uses round fiber, which risks damaging the floor. Not only did we take that worry out of the equation, but we also made sure that there is nothing in the Poly Craft Mask that will bleed or otherwise spoil your floor’s finish.
Poly Craft Mask defends hardwood, tile, vinyl, and marble floors from damage, and effectively shields any hard surface, as well. Grab yourself a roll of Poly Craft Mask and relax in enjoying your smooth, beautiful surfaces without worry!

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3' x 200' Roll, 6' x 300' Roll