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Urine Off


Treat Subfloors damaged by pet stains. Urine Off applied directly to the subfloor eliminates odours, prevents mold and mildew from forming and helps prevent the degradation (Rot) of the subfloor by pet stains.

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Q: How does Urine-Off work?
A: Urine-Off uses a process known as bio-remediation, the use of enzymes and bacteria to breakdown and consume urine.

Q: Is Urine-Off safe for pets?
A: Yes, though the product should never be used directly on animals or humans.

Q: What’s the difference between Urine-Off and other products?
A: Other products attempt to mask the smell with a heavy fragrance or encapsulate (Seal in) the urine, Urine-Off uses enzymes and bacteria to “Eat away” the urine leaving a urine free surface.

Q: Is Urine-Off a “Green” product?
A: Yes

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