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Environmental Partition


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New from Pro Tect® Associates, Inc. The Environmental Partition:
Already in hospitals, bio research facilities and considered “Best Practice” in health Care training programs. Facility Managers, Infection Control Departments; appreciate the clean, professional look and the ability to maintain that appearance throughout the project. The Environmental Partitions can be erected without any mess or noise, you don’t even have to remove the ceiling tile. This system is the real deal. If the project is going to take a while, you need a clean work area or to create a clean area for your client, this is the system for you. One person can typically set up a 2’x 12’ enclosure in a half hour, breakdown in less than 15 minutes. The panels allow light to pass through creating a pleasant, safe work environment without the need of added temporary lighting. It provides a huge savings when compared to using metal studs and drywall. The Environmental Partition is RE-USABLE.

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