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EZ Prop Poles


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Surface Protection EZ Prop Poles:

  • EZ Prop Poles are the perfect multi-use, temporary dust control system
  • Poles are made of steel and hold up to 170 pounds
  • Designed to help control dust on-site, but can be used for many other things
  • Reaches from 5′ 7″ to 10′ 1″ or 6′ to 16′ 1″
  • Create temporary dust control partitions and enclosures

ProTect EZ Prop Construction Dust Control Poles: This system is made of heavy-duty steel and holds up to 170 lbs. The EZ Prop system is perfect for sealing off rooms by creating temporary dust control partitions and enclosures. 
When we were designing the poles we all decided to make sure that you weren’t just buying poles to hold up plastic. Since these poles are made of steel you can also use them to hold up your drywall, building construction sheeting, cabinets, stairs, decorative box beams, cornice molding, and almost anything you need an extra hand to hold. Spread warped jambs or lift a door header jamb while it’s being reset.

While we don’t suggest it, many people use the EZ Prop pole to help secure loads in the back of their cargo bay in their pick-up trucks.

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EZ Prop Pole Size

(2) 5'3" – 10'6" EZ Props, (2) 6'8" – 16'6" EZ Prop Poles