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Door Protection



Double-ply corrugated board with anti-abrasion inner liner
Fast and Easy to install
Simply drape and center over top of door
Protects both sides of door
Allows door to be used, locked, during construction
fits 3′ x 6′-8″ and 3′ x 7′ doors
Protect the doors on your next remodeling or construction site. The double (or single) corrugated board is fast and easy to install, plus re-usable. Simply drape and center the Door Shield over the top of the door and it becomes a pre-engineered, reusable door protection system that effectively shields both sides of the door.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Door Shield Sizes

1-Double Corrugated, fits 3' x 7' Door, 1-Double Corrugated, fits 3′ x 8′ Door, 1-Double Corrugated, fits 4′ x 8′ Door, 1-Single Corrugated, fits 3′ x 7′ Door, 1-Single Corrugated, fits 3′ x 8′ Door